HAWK Signal

August 30, 2016

HAWK Signal

The new HAWK signal, which stands for High-intensity Activated crossWalK, is now operational - allowing pedestrians and bicyclists to safely cross Sheridan Boulevard. This new signal, also referred to as a beacon, is the first of its kind in New York state. A signal has also been placed on Kenmore Avenue and more are planned to be installed in Kenmore and the Village of Williamsville.

A study released by the Federal Highway Administration found that vehicle/pedestrian crashes were reduced by 69% after a HAWK signal was installed. Of course, the key to the success is education on how the light works.

What the Lights Mean

Signal is Dark: This is the normal state of the light until it is activated by a person trying to cross. Proceed if crosswalk is clear.

Flashing yellow: Light has been activated. Motorists should prepare to stop.

Solid yellow: Motorists should stop if possible. 

Solid red: Motorists must stop, allowing pedestrians and cyclists to cross. Motorists may not proceed until light starts flashing red.

Flashing red: Motorists must stop, then may proceed if the crosswalk is clear. 

For more information on Rails to Trails, visit the town's website at tonawanda.ny.us. You may also watch a video on how the light works on youtube.com